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Winter Time - Cold Start Noises - Suggested Oil? 98 GT

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So, I live in Wyoming...and its HELLA cold already.

I decided to drive my GT today as there won't be many more days where its warm enough to do so. And really, it can be cold, but the roads have to be super decent as my tires wont allow even a tiny bit of ice.

I went to fire up the Mustang this morning (In the upper 20's) and I hear this scratching noise coming from what I could tell, was the upper part of the engine. (Hard to tell when your in the car). I figured, cold start, oil circulation.

After about a minute it went away.

Obviously, I need to start and run the car once a month while its cold just to make sure it doesnt sit and go funky. But what kind of oil should go in it? The engine cap has 5W-20 on it...which is pretty damn thin.....but is probably perfect for winter.

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I would run 5/30 or if you can find it 0/30. Mobil 1 EP or Pennzoil Platinum are my choice brands. I would love to use Royal Purple or Amsoil but both are ridiculously expensive, and can be difficult to find stores that carry them. And if you want to pay a reasonable price on the oil, get it from WalMart. It's about $26 for a 5 qt. jug of the two I mentioned, plus an extra single qt. ($6) and a Motorcraft FL820S filter ($4) gets you out the door for $36.

And while we're on the subject, check this out.
0/30 is, when the engine is cold, just a little bit 'thinner' than 5/30. I doubt that it's really necessary, but I'm one of those people who obsess over things such as the oil in my car so if I lived somewhere that had brutal winter seasons like you do I'd probably run it. I'm sure other brands make oil in that viscosity, but the only one that comes to mind that I know for sure is M1.

Fram filters are garbage, btw. Google it, lots of info out there. I've been on a Motorcraft kick for the last couple years. Decent filter at a decent price. Napa 'Gold' and Wix (same filter, different package) are supposed to be a pretty high quality filter, and I hear that Purolator is good too. I used to use Mobil1/K&N oil filters (again, same filter different box and label) but I just got burnt out on spending $10+ on a damn oil filter. But Fram, no way. I've seen the cut open filters compared side by side; Fram is of a cheaper overall internal construction and less dense filter element than most others.
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The only good things about Fram is their advertising campaign and that black grip crap on the filter case.
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