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Winter Time - Cold Start Noises - Suggested Oil? 98 GT

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So, I live in Wyoming...and its HELLA cold already.

I decided to drive my GT today as there won't be many more days where its warm enough to do so. And really, it can be cold, but the roads have to be super decent as my tires wont allow even a tiny bit of ice.

I went to fire up the Mustang this morning (In the upper 20's) and I hear this scratching noise coming from what I could tell, was the upper part of the engine. (Hard to tell when your in the car). I figured, cold start, oil circulation.

After about a minute it went away.

Obviously, I need to start and run the car once a month while its cold just to make sure it doesnt sit and go funky. But what kind of oil should go in it? The engine cap has 5W-20 on it...which is pretty damn thin.....but is probably perfect for winter.

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I guess I will make the switch to synthetic.

Autozone has a 10$ off any 5 quarts or big jugs of Mobile 1.....

Let's see how it goes.
I got some mobile 1, extra quart an a Fram Filter for 43$. Guess my next trip will be to Walmart.

That site is freakin dope but my phone hates it. The girlfriend will kill me if I pull my laptop out this late. So I will have to read tomorrow. Appreciate the link.

Bye, what is the deal with 0/30?
That blows. I just put a midrange fram in my mustang and the girls van. I'll tell ya, one thing that's a plus is te gripping on the filter. Atleast you don't have a slick filter to turn off. But it's kinda funny you mention it. The autozone guy I normally go and and see, he's English and kept telling me fram is
English junk.
Yea. I like the grip for sure. Makes it easy to get the thing off. On my girlfriends Mazda I had to fight for what seemed an hour to get hers off. Was a napa gold. Such a bad spot. Not even a strap wrench worked.
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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