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Wiper Low-Speed Delay

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Why is there a delay between sweeps on low speed? I've had my GT since April but it was only the other day I had to really use them.
High is way to fast for regular rain. If we wanted a pause between sweeps we use delay so why this stupid delay on low? :confused:
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I have already had to have my wiper motor replaced....

It worked fine through the end of the winter season and then it stopped rainning for a while, and then when it rained some more in the spring, they didn't work right anymore...

Basically, I had two speeds, which according to my service guy, no matter what happens, you'll always have at least 2 speeds (delay and fast).

All speeds had the same delay excaept for the last one that went super fast... I took it in and they had to order the part and fix it a few days later... In the meantime, the wipers work, but were annoying (either too fast or too slow)...

Anyway, check the different settings to see how many speeds you actually have (if there is any difference between settings) and if there isn't, you may want to get it looked at...

My 2 cents... :)
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