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Wiring 12v Plug(s) to ignition??

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Hey guys,

Does anybody know how to wire the 12v plugs (specifically the one in the center console)

My problem is that I want to leave my iPod and charger plugged in all the time, but sometimes I let the car sit for days and I don't need it draining the car battery (or charging the ipod all the time)

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Get something called "Add-A-Fuse" (or something like that). It is a "fuse on a fuse" adapter and allows you to tap into an existing circuit power source while keeping the existing components properly fused. I assume you have a voltmeter too. Then open the passenger side fuse box and find something that turns on/off with the ignition - use the owners manual to help you find something. Then run a wire from the new power source to the center console with the fuse out on the new circuit. (look up how to remove the console so you don't break the tabs that hold it). Clip the power wire to the console power outlet hot wire and tape up the power source to it. Then connect the new wire to the plug wire and put in the fuse. Hope that helps.
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