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wiring foglights to turn on/off with parking lights

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Can someone circle the wire that would splice with the car's parking wire? I want to control the foglights with the existing mustang switch and want them to come on automatically with the parking light.

I want to draw power from the battery, not the parking wire. And I do not want to use the switch that came with the harness.

Fingers crossed that it's the white wire coming out of the relay...



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I don't even want fog lights, but have to fill two holes on my saleen bumper. These 3" round fog lights are nothing special and provide no extra illumination. Just for show and to fill 2 holes.

The whole point of all this was because it is too diffcult/don't have the time to get the aftermarket switch/wires inside the vehicle and I don't want to do any cutting of grommets to get inside the vehicle.

So which wire is terminal 30 based on that diagram?
Yea. I was thinking the same thing but didn't want to take a chance blowing a fuse, especially at night.

White wire. That said, it is safe to assume I can throw away the switch, red and black wire coming out of the switch?
I appreciate you. I could use your help or anyone else asap. I'm trying to tackle and finish this this tomorrow morning. I'm really pissed off the fog light company didn't include a wiring diagram nor can I find the answers through google or youtube. Such a simply project, yet takes me hours to find the answer...

Attachment 1. This part of the harness plugs directly to the fog light. What the hell is the blue wire for?

Attachment 2+3. It seems the switch controlled each fog light, thus I have 2 relays. Now what the hell do I do? Which wires go to the parking wire. Can they be fused together and go to one parking wire? Or one relay goes to passenger parking wire and the other to driver side parking wire.


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Thanks all for your help.

I got it. Tell me why the hardest part of all this was pulling off those fender guard rivot clips behind the wheels. So frusterating as you have to literally destroy them with pliers and replace with new ones.

Its a v6 and I posted in this section for better responses.

I realized that the blue wire was for the angel eye halo ring. Normally people would wire the halo wire directly to the parking wire and control with the stock switch, but the blue wire on the harness allows the halo ring to be powered by the harness/aftermarket switch. I took off the halo from the fog light, because halos are getting tired and ricey.

Since I had two relays, I cut the 2 signal wires going towards the aftermarket switch and connected them together and then connected them to the parking wire.

Illegal indeed, as they stay on when the highbeams go on. Such a silly law... I have to get VA safety inspection every 2 years, any ideas to pass?

1. If I disconnect and cover the foglights with covers of somekind or cover the foglight holes with that gray masking tape, will they check foglights and fail?

2. If I take off the foglights before an inspection, will they check for unattached fog light wires and fail?

3. I'm thinking taking off the fog lights, taping up the wires and concealing as best as possible, and cover the fog light holes with masking tape will suffice before an inspection.

Let me know what you would do that requires the least amount of work. And no, I don't want to wire them to the low beams...
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