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WMS hoodliner from Moss Muscle not what I expected

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Hello everyone, I recently bought a WMS hoodliner from Moss Muscle and I was terribly disappointed with it. In fact it downright sux! They sent two sided tape with it as well as some new plastic pins. I followed the directions exactly and you can see what I ended up with from the pics. I mine as well had took 90 bucks outside and lit it on fire. I researched before I bought it but couldn't find any info at all on it. I took a chance and came out to the bad. I hope this post saves at least one person from totally wasting their money.. :)


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i got my hood liner from gonzalo it came out very nice and was glued on his web sit is pictures in my gallery
I got mine from the same guy ^ Buuut after a couple of years, mine has started to show lots of wrinkles and wear and tear.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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