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Worried?Maybe!Engine Stumbled Twice During Takeoff!

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Car has about 650 miles on it.The last 2 times out the car seemed to be fine.Both times in SPORT MODE.However i pulled up to a light went to neutral & when light changed (BUSY TALKING TO PASSENGER) still in neutral OOPS!So quickly went to first RPM'S about 2,000 let the clutch out started to spin tires but went into a rough stumble.So changed to 2nd engine still stumbling then went away & ran fine.

2nd time just pulling away from stop sign making a right turn (A LITTLE SPIRITED) started pulling fine getting some squeal from tires & all of a sudden went into the engine stumble again.Changed to 2nd gear still stumbling & then it went away & car ran fine again.

Hoping this was just a hiccup in the TC or computer!

Has anyone here had this problem at all?Should i take it to the dealer?Would it have thrown an error code of some kind when this happened?Will the dealer just say hey it's fine nothing wrong?

As i said car was in SPORT MODE when this occurred i will be trying it out again in all 3 modes.Of course being careful in the TC off mode (HAVE NOT USED THIS SETTING YET)!

Never had the problem with TC fully on could be coincidence or the problem is with SPORT MODE setting.

What do you guys think???????????
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could it be TC/Stability Control kicking in cutting engine tq?
That would be my guess as well

could it be TC/Stability Control kicking in cutting engine tq?
It didn't feel right but i guess it's possible.Didn't feel like it was just cutting power engine was physically stumbling.

Like i said wierd thing that it showed up when in SPORT MODE & never happened with TC ON.

Also have done some spirited driving with the TC ON & it didn't show up or i didn't notice it kick in.I didn't think this is the way it would or should feel when it kicks in.
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coulda also been the speed skip shift feature.
I don't know for sure guys but it just didn't seem right.Like i said it seemed like the engine started running rough breaking up not just losing power.Almost like it wanted to stall.

For now i'm not going to worry about it.I'm hoping it was just the TC but this felt weird.

I love this car & i'm finding it a little difficult to not MASH THE GO PEDAL!Going to try & behave myself a little more!

Lets say i didn't opt for the TAKE IT EASY break-in period!
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definitely sounds like TC kicking in. Seeing as its job is it hold the engine back and slow it down when it detects wheel spin.
Just weird that in the TC full on position didn't seem to do this.It only did this in SPORT MODE.I thought SPORT MODE was supposed to let you get more spirited driving.:yelwacko:

Maybe my car is bass ackwards!:kooky:

A possibility is that you ran the fuel pickup dry going around the corner, you should never have less than 1/8 tank, or 1/4 tank in hilly areas.
Did both times happen on the same tank of gas? Maybe you picked up some bad fuel, and it had a hard time burning through it.
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