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WOW!!!! Clean Those MAFs Boys!!!!

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I just cleaned my MAF sensor . . . its like a completely different car!! It's like taking the leash off and lettin' the dog RUN!!

While your in there . . . get rid of those ridiculous "safety torx" screws. I did. My philip's head is always easier to find.

Thanks to this board for helping me solve the "leash" issue!!!

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It's like a different car. I was in a BMW 740il before this, and it was faster . . .

BTW . . for anyone interested, there was an earlier post that said it was a number 25 safety torx bit . . . but its a number 20 . . just in case anyone needs to unhatch their MAF. I got mine at ACE.

More power is good!!! (better gas mileage is good too . . . but with the way I keep my foot in it . . . well . . . lol)
My Pleasure!

First, locate the MAF sensor on the air intake. It is a small rectangular box with an oval shaped wiring clip on it. The cover is plastic. It is held on by two "safety torx" screws that are located diagonally from one another.

Second, remove both screws, using a #20 safety torx bit (which is basically a torx bit with a hollow center). You can pick one up at any good hardware store. (While you are there, you might as well buy some replacement screws for about 50 cents so you don't have to find the safety torx bit if you want to clean it again in a year).

Third, pull the plastic cover striaght up, being careful not to damage the prongs that extend into the air passage.

Fourth, spray the "wires" between the prongs with carb or electronic solvent until there are no deposits left on them.

Fifth, reinstall in reverse order and test drive your beast!!!!
Quite welcome. :D
Both. It responds better, and runs much better at WOT, and my gas mileage has improved. It's very much worth the 15 minutes or so it takes to do it.

And, now that I have the philips head screws on the box, I can clean it when I get to the track . . . probably more of a placebo effect . . . but every little bit helps.
The sensors themselves (two little wires) seem somewhat delicate. I used electrical contact cleaner to clean them. It's pretty easy to do. When you take the sensor housing out, you will be able to see if there are deposits on your sensors. If you have other than a stock air cleaner . . and you have put som miles on your car . . chances are they are dirty.
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