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X-Pipe Install Tonight......I Hope

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I ordered the Mustang Tuning O/R X-Pipe, which I believe is made by Pypes, and it should be arriving today. After searching past threads, I could not find some specifics I was looking for and was hoping some of you have had experience with this particular pipe. First, will I need the O2 Extensions or will the stock harness be long enough? Second, Is there anything else I will need for this install (hardware, gaskets)??? I will be ordering the Diablosport Predator this week, so I am not worried about the MIL eliminators and if the light comes on I can deal with it for a while. Any insight would be much appreciated!

BTW, 4.10's going in on Saturday, CAN'T WAIT :laughlitt
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If this is a standard x pipe that connects to the factory exhaust manifolds, then the 02 sensor holes should be in the right locations, thats how my mac offroad x pipe was. It should come with new bolts to fasten it to the catback and a paper gasket for the drivers side manifold i think it is. Mine came with the paper gasket but too many people said they blew theirs out so i bought a stock ford one for under 10 bucks i think thats made of metal. Depending on the mileage u may be able to reuse your old one. I know mine could have been reused but i went ahead and put a new on in there anyways.
Yeah, its a standard x-pipe that bolts on to stock headers. The car has 45k miles on it, so I'm not to sure about the gasket. I guess it wouldn't hurt to pick up a new one. Thanks for the help!
Hey just throwing this out there, I have a Predator for sale that came off my 2002 GT. The shop I use now uses SCT stuff so I had to swap over. I figure they have them for sale for like $400 every where else and I didnt really use it very long or anything I figure its good for $300. I still got the box and the instructions and everything for it in my trunk. If you want it we can work it out over pay pal and I can have it shipped out asap. Plus I really just plain dont need it anymore. My buddy was talking about buying it, but hes stingy as $hit and all he does is talk about it. So I figure if someone can get some use out of it then its up for grabs.
Oh yeah, the ball flange gasket is on the drivers side and the flat gasket is on the passenger side. With that many miles and if its never been removed, be very carefull with the studs and nuts cause I snapped the very first one off when I went to install mine. Use lots and lots of penetrating oil. And if your x-pipe was like mine, all the sensors should be in the stock locations. I think the only reason for needing to extend the O2 harnesses is if you have LTs cause the front O2 bung is on the collector and thats a lot further down.
Also, I just noticed you may be in the market for a K&N FIPK. Well its a good product, I can say that. But as you can see, I went with a "different", "more efficient", air intake system lol. SO I got my FIPK up for grabs. Everyone around here I have talked to already have the stuff I have for sale so I just havent been able to sell it. I mean I even have an O/R x-pipe for sale. But of course thats like one of the first things people do. Exhaust, cai, tuner, and because I am so wishy washy about things, I have changed all 3. Well I HAD to take the cai off cause of the blower obviously, the x-pipe got replaced by a shorter on when the LTs went on, and the tuner only went cause of the change in shops I use now. So I would love to get rid of these parts, if you got use for them :thumbup
Thanks for the info 87, I have been meaning to spray the bolts down but I never seem to have a free moment. Darn pipe didn't come yesterday and my week is only getting busier, so it might have to wait until Sunday, but atleast that will give the penetrating oil time to do its job. I will be in touch about the items you mentioned, I just want to make sure the funds will be available. Thanks again!
Yeah those parts are in my trunk just waitin just in case I see someone who is like god I need one of this so I can be like well I'll be [email protected] , what are the odds I got one right here. And if they got the cash then it can come right outta the trunk into their hands. But I havent found that as of yet. Yea just let me know.
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