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X-pipe or H-pipe

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I have BBK headers (short) and flowmaster super 40's and i want to keep the low rumble sound of my car.

one of my buddies said that X-pipes are for a high sound and that an H-pipe is more for a lower more rumble sound.

Is this true what do yall recomend?

dont worry about price my buddy and i are gonna build it he owns a preformance shop.

thanks for any info.
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Mana4Real said:
Do the H-pipe with chambered mufflers. X pipes make more power and in my opinion sound better, but it will sound like crap with the flowmasters. Trust me. Either ditch the flows and get a muffler that's not chambered like Magnaflows, or just get the H...
Is there a big difference between the factory H and another H? Any brand in particular you would recommend? Thanks
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