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Y as a plant in VIN mustang 1969

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Hallo guys, I have a question. I want to buy Mustang 1969 Grande. The VIN is 9Y01F131584. And here is my question. I didn´t find nothing about Y plant only F,R or T. Is that possible? What does it mean? Is it a problem for me to give the car on numper plates?

I am new here and sorry for my English.
Thank you for your answers.
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I'll be the first to say that your sign in name is not appropriate for my kind of crowd. I'd change it and try again. Try something that has more of a car theme instead of smut.
Sorry, I don´t know bloh-mi is smut in English. These letters are the first letters of my name and surname :smilie I am going to change it...
My sincsere appologies, I thought that it was an attempt to be funny in a rude way.

On that note:

Welcome to the club, you have come to a great place and I'm sure you will find alot of help with your project. I am sorry that I can not help with your VIN question, but someone here will have some suggestions.

Excuse me while I go remove my foot from my mouth :gringreen.

Edit : maybe I can Help - Try this...
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Thank you very much. Great job. I always saw only F,R or T. Wixom plant is new for me. :)
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