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Yeah, were talkin 'bout LSD's

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Hey, im considering the idea of limited slip/ traclock (watever you feel like calling it) not cuz i hate one wheeled burnouts :bounce2: but because im thinkin bout traction in the winter. now here in NE ohio, u can count on least a few months of 6'' accumulation each day, and im wonding, whats the benefits and drawbacks of limited slip install on my 04 3.9 v6? Thanks

Also, i do already have 4 snows that i run in the winter, and have completely stock rear end.
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They all work a little differently. I have the Ford Racing one. It's not locked all the time. I'm pretty sure it only locks under hard acceleration. Not so sure if it helps in the snow/rain.

Hopefully someone can chime in on this.
Didnt you already post this thread ? I think it was determined that it would only worsen because with both wheels spinning your gonna start sliding sideways
an lsd provides its biggest benefit in straight line grip.. on a turn, it can hurt you a little bit.. here's the reason...

with an open differential, if you're making a turn and your inside tire loses grip, it starts spinning. the other rear wheel maintains its grip because its almost basically freewheeling, there is no force on it so it just rolls and you have 3 wheels that are in control.. so in that case you dont lose control..

with an LSD if one tire loses its grip, all the power you were putting to that tire, now goes to the one remaining gripping tire.. chances are that tires is now going to slip so you end up with only your front 2 tires having grip.. not too stable of an arrangement... at this point generally your rear slides out and you can A) lose control and end up facing backwards and hitting something or B) be aware of this and know how to counter such an occurrence....
Spend your money on the best snow tires. The Rear Diff setup makes no difference. Think Bridgestone or Michellin. :)
Tim- yeah i did already post this but in the wrong area, figured id get some of my fellow sixer neighbors to chime in on it

djh1211- thanks i already bought some snows, General Tires alrimax arctics, realllly nobby and not a performance snow tire (cuz i didnt want a performance snow)

guitarstarX7-how much was your ford racing lsd?
ford racing LSD's cost 220 from they went up 15 since last summer
It should help you out, if i pull of in a soft shoulder, and leave, both tires will sink in the sand vs one. Two areas of contact instead of just one (when tires are slipping) therefore the tires are more likely to find grip.
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