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You guys seem to take well to noobs

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So I guess that would be good for me :winks
Yup. Noob here. Been around reading for the last 3 weeks since I bought my 05 Legend Lime V6 Vert. Like all you guys, I too am in love with my new ride!

Ok.. everyone's got one so here's my story.

Went to the dealership to look and price. Walked around the lot hands in pockets. Salesman comes up to us (wife and I) and asks if we need help. No, we're just looking and pricing. Guy says ok, let me know if you see something you like... ... Oh BTW, there's a green one in the showroom.
To which my reply was.."The Legend Lime?"

Sold. It took all my strength to stop myself from drooling lol. Thankfully, my aunt works for ford and i was able to get xplan pricing on her.
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Welcome and Congratulations. I love the LL. Take care of her as I don't think there will be one next year. :wavey
Welcome! Easton, eh? I went to Lafayette College and my fiancee lives in Easton. Maybe I'll see ya around :tongue
Nice! good choice! Welcome to the AFM forums!
Oh yeah? How often you come around? I'm surprised I haven't seen ya. In town, I've only ever seen 2 others. A Legend Lime GT coupe with either white or cream colored stripes on it and a black V6 coupe with a pony package.

Isn't there someone on here from Bethlehem? I thought I saw that.
Nice choice on the color!:drink:

Have you checked out
OOOooOOoo a new site for me to Favorite.

Chuck0765 said:
Nice choice on the color!:drink:

Have you checked out
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YEah there is someone from Bethlehem here, not sure of the username though. I'm usually up most weekends. Well, If I see a legend lime, I'll try and remember the license plate to see if it's you :)
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