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You have a South Carolina Member here

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Hey all, just saying hi from Spartanburg, SC. Actually from Louisville, KY but moved to SC 8 yrs ago with my job. Have been into Mustangs for 15 yrs now and only on my 2nd one..:) This one is my 98 GT That I love to race.

Going to be a dad in about 2 weeks for the first time too.:kooky:


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Welcome to the site and to your upcoming parenthood! Stangs are great, but there's nothing like a kid! Your car looks like it would make some future 16 year old a great ride!( son or daughter)
Looks great , welcome to the site !

Nice to see another drag racer aboard !:thumbup
Welcome and congratulations on your upcoming child. I always tell everybody that the kid seats in the back are the best modification you can make to your Mustang. They really dress mine up!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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