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YOUR OPINION for best power mods NA engine

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Hey all,

So yes, I know this topic has been addressed time and time again, and there are numerous threads that have been formed about it, but I'm not looking for the "catch-all" thread to answer my question, I wanna hear it from the horses' mouths (pun intended) as to power-adding or horsepower-freeing mods. I do not have the money to do super or turbo setup. Currently only have a K&N CAI, rest of engine is stock. Where can I start to get power and keep it NA? I am looking into a TB/Plenum combo but have heard mixed things about real HP gains.
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Offroad midpipe (h or x, your pick) and tb/plenum. Each are worth a chassis dyno proven 8-12 rwhp. Then tuner and gears.

The way they advertise gains with tuners is a bit skewed - generally speaking, if somebody tells you that "_________" is worth 50 hp it means that those gains are at the top of the rpm range.The way that tuners are advertised where you see the typical claim of around 30 hp gain, they are taking that measurement from somewhere in the middle of the rpm range. "Peak" gains are more around 10 or so. I wouldn't say it's dishonest advertising but definitely a little on the side of creative. At any rate, also consider that you spend more time driving your car between 2500 - 5000 rpm, which is where the advertised gains are present.

Gears obviously don't add any power, but technically are referred to as a "torque multiplier". Firsthand experience, a set of 4.10's will feel like you just added 40 hp.

After that stuff, get started on suspension.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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