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YOUR OPINION for best power mods NA engine

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Hey all,

So yes, I know this topic has been addressed time and time again, and there are numerous threads that have been formed about it, but I'm not looking for the "catch-all" thread to answer my question, I wanna hear it from the horses' mouths (pun intended) as to power-adding or horsepower-freeing mods. I do not have the money to do super or turbo setup. Currently only have a K&N CAI, rest of engine is stock. Where can I start to get power and keep it NA? I am looking into a TB/Plenum combo but have heard mixed things about real HP gains.
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Solid points guys..I do need to do gears...I will reserve asking which ratio because I have seen my share of threads on that one, haha. And I was never personally sold on a tune for the $, either of you guys use one? Exhaust I'm okay with messing more with. Want to maybe do an O/R H or X for sure. All good ideas
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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