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YOUR OPINION for best power mods NA engine

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Hey all,

So yes, I know this topic has been addressed time and time again, and there are numerous threads that have been formed about it, but I'm not looking for the "catch-all" thread to answer my question, I wanna hear it from the horses' mouths (pun intended) as to power-adding or horsepower-freeing mods. I do not have the money to do super or turbo setup. Currently only have a K&N CAI, rest of engine is stock. Where can I start to get power and keep it NA? I am looking into a TB/Plenum combo but have heard mixed things about real HP gains.
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Exhaust would be the first place to start IMO. The engine is an air pump. If you can get more air in, you'll need to let more out.
I pretty much had to get a tuner for our 2011 V6. Bought it used and previous owner had 3.73 gears installed along with 18" wheels instead of 19". Speedo was way off as well as the shift points. Running the regular tune as of now with corrections for gears and tires. I'm going to lighten the shift pressure today especially for first gear with the tuner matter of fact (automatic). Tuners are rather expensive compared to what other things you could do for the money, but I know they are worth it. At what point you'll actually need one is up to you. They just bring everything together that you've done as far as mods and make for a better driving experience as well as performance in many ways. My throttle response improved tremendously from stock with the tuner.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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