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diff between V8 and I6 coil springs?

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Hey Guys,

Is there a way to tell the difference between '65 I6 and V8 springs? The PO of my t code did a half-assed job with the V8 conversion (basically only changing the motor and putting in 5 lug front discs). I've corrected the steering components, tie rods, etc to bring everything up to spec, but am unsure if the car still has the I6 springs. Any quick way to tell? The front end sits kinda low, which is why I'm wondering. I like the look, but want to make sure all's safe.

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They look almost identical. I'm swapping mine right now. I did a V8 conversion (or like you finished what was started), but I originally left the I6 springs in because it looked fine. Over time though I've added too much weight in the engine bay and had to push my drivetrain back a little because I have a late model engine in it with a supercharger so I needed more room so this subsequently changed the center of gravity a bit. So now I've slowly watched the front end settle to the point that the fenders are resting on the rubber of my tires. I just picked up the V8 heavy duty springs this past week and from taking out the I6 spring and sitting it next to the V8 spring, they're the same height and look almost exactly alike.

If yours is sitting low already, I would venture to guess yours were not swapped either. Probably wouldn't be a bad idea to swap them. I can compress my I6 spring just by pushing on it with my hand.
I'll go look on the box later to see what brand/model mine are. I just know I got the OE heavy duty V8 springs available locally to me from Dallas Mustang and they were about half that cost.
Well I'm not sure what brand mine are...nothing descriptive on the box. Wish there was something better I could report.
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